You're busy growing your business, but it sometimes seems the world is against you.

Your day should be filled with exciting meetings, interesting breakthroughs and problem solving. Instead, you find yourself creating invoices, reconciling bank statements and working out profit margins.

Surely, this isn’t what it’s all about?

Martyn, Amanda and Paul at My Accountancy Place

We don’t think so, either.

We’re a fast-growing, modern firm of Chartered Certified Accountants based in Manchester, working hard to improve the lives of business owners and taxpayers.

We are different, as we specialise in Digital Creative agencies.

Our approach is to:

  • Streamline your systems, so you can see exactly the right information at exactly the right time
  • Automate processes (like reconciling your bank & credit control) freeing up your time for the important stuff
  • Leveraging technology to allow you to manage your business wherever you are in the world

Combine this with:

  • Clever tax planning (pay less tax),
  • HMRC and Companies House compliance (never get in trouble again),
  • A team of finance experts dedicated to growing your business (unlimited, free advice),

and you can start to see why we’re one of the fastest growing Accountancy firms in the North.

So, get in touch to find out how a mixture of modern technology, smart-thinking and old-fashioned business nouse can turn you from busy fool, into a laid-back, all-knowing, super-star.

Constantly improving the lives of Manchester business owners through expert accountancy services.

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"After 1 meeting with Martyn and Paul I quickly discovered that a full culture shift would help solve a number of itching business needs for AHOY."

Mark Stringer, AHOY

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"My Accountancy Place’s advice is highly valued, as they have an interest in their clients’ success. This attitude, and the added value, is how they differentiate from others."

Gareth Clements, Rumpus PR

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"They have a focus on the creative sector and work with similar businesses to mine. [My Accountancy Place] has given me the confidence to push on and build my business."

Daniel Killoran, Daniel Killoran Creative

My Accounts

Imagine knowing everything is filed accurately, on-time, and by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing!

Let us manage your accounts, so you can manage your business.

My Profits

Imagine knowing that you have a partner to help you manage profits?

We know that a profitable business is a growing business – we can help you make more money, and spend more time with the ones you love.

My Tax

Imagine knowing exactly how much tax you have to pay – well ahead of time?

Not only do we ensure you pay the least possible tax, we’ll also help you ensure you always have the cash in the bank you to pay the bill.


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