We love seeing our clients’ businesses flourish.

We support you so you can be more profitable, sustainable, and creative.

We have vast experience with creatives.

Our clients like us and rate us highly.

We care about the things creatives care about.

We’re unlike any other accountants you have ever used.

It's actually fun to work with us!

Meet the team

Paul Barnes ACCA
Managing Director

Paul pursued accounting at university to satisfy his love of numbers. He created My Accountancy Place in order to provide agency owners with a dedicated, innovation-driven accounting service. Even to this day, Paul still enjoys continually learning and advising clients. Away from work, Paul regularly plays snooker and football, and loves spending time with his wife and son, Penny and Benjamin.

Martyn Raftery ACCA
Operations Manager

Operations manager Martyn keeps the team on track. After excelling in both maths and business at school, Martyn pursued accountancy as a logical career choice to match his interests. Now he can help businesses to exceed their own expectations. In his spare time, Martyn is an avid Bury FC supporter and has followed them up and down the country. Martyn’s unusual fact? He once broke his right collarbone…just after recovering from breaking his left collarbone. Ouch!

Amanda Wilcox
Customer Service Manager

After a self-employed stint assisting financial advisors, Amanda was drafted into MAP. Joining as Client Services manager, Amanda has naturally migrated towards HR in response to the business’ growing needs; she’s also responsible for recruiting our team’s newest members. Outside of work, Amanda keeps busy with four cats and her stepson’s swim club. Amanda’s party trick is to hold 5p coins in the gaps of her knuckles. Not exactly a super power, but still fun.

David Arden ACCA
Client Finance Director

David’s passion for business started at a young age, and his first introduction to accounting came during a fortnight of work experience. David is passionate about building client relationships and acting as their trusted advisor for all things financial. Away from work, David enjoys travelling, the gym, skiing and photography. He’s also comfortable behind the steering wheel, having previously competed as a licensed rally driver.

Penny Barnes
Client Coordinator

After five years working within a Manchester law firm as a paralegal, Penny sought a change in career, joining us as client coordinator.  Penny lends her organisational, administrative and communicative skills to the team, ensuring clients are well looked after. In her spare time, Penny is the dedicated mother of Benjamin and a regular attendee at Clubbercise. One day, Penny secretly hopes to become a Real Housewife of Cheshire. Until then, she’s happy to maintain our successful client relationships!


Abusina Qureshi
Client Finance Director

Before discovering accounting, Abusina searched high and low for the perfect way to channel his love of business and finance. Now he enjoys advising clients on a vast array of subjects – the more complex the topic, the better! Abusina is passionate about food, footie and fitness (although Pokémon Go is currently #1). When it comes to his snappy dressing, Abusina likes an ordered wardrobe – including colour coding and catergories. He won’t organise yours though, sorry.

Paul Bell
Client Finance Director

Paul always wanted to be either an accountant or a fighter pilot – clearly, he made the right choice! Although he still loves the number-crunching he encountered in previous roles, Paul has found new joy in the client relationships he’s formed. In his spare time, you’ll find Paul running around a pitch, blowing a whistle – he’s been a referee for 21 years, and officiated in a number of FA competitions. Somebody has to make the tough calls!

Amy Jones
Client Coordinator

Joining the team following the birth of her son, Alfie, Amy actually started working with Paul as an outsourced PA. In her day-to-day role, Amy ensures the team are supported in providing clients with maximum value. In her spare time, Amy is a dedicated fan, an avid Cecilia Ahern fan, and a lover of country walks. It’s been said on many occasions that Amy sleeps with her eyes open. We’re yet to confirm…

Rachel Moran
Client Financial Controller

Despite once having dance ambitions, a love of maths and business – and encouragement from bean-counter relatives – convinced Rachel to pursue accounting, entering a graduate scheme post-university. Rachel loves her clients’ appreciation and trust, and finds each business uniquely fascinating. Rachel embraces the healthy lifestyle we all aspire to, and as a home girl, is happiest when with her family, friends, puppy and a good home cooked meal.

Lucy Gallagher

Despite huge variety in Lucy’s career – from running an art gallery, to teaching swimming lessons – bookkeeping has always been at the heart of every endeavour. Lucy’s love of bookkeeping comes from both the neatness of numbers and the ability to use reliable data to support good decision-making. In her spare time, Lucy loves baking and travel. Interestingly, at aged 22 Lucy ran a flying school (see – variety)!



Will Jarvis
Trainee Accountant

After an enforced career break, Will took the opportunity to break into his dream career: accountancy. Although very unlike his previous roles in recruitment and marketing, he’s welcomed the change. But then Will does love a challenge: in 2009, he walked the length of Wales with a tent on his back, covering 200 miles in 11 days! At home, Will is kept busy by his two daughters; his spare time is spent watching/playing sport – especially football.


Charlie Roscoe
Client Financial Controller

Charlie is a keen rugby player and plays full back for Oldham RUFC. He is also a Man United fan. He has a glow in the dark Chineses tattoo which translates to Strength and Dragon. So we’ll let you make your own mind up about this maverick of a man. He is a great accountant though.

Meet us

We are friendly, trustworthy, and absolute experts when it comes to creatives.

“I’ve worked in several accountancy practices, each with their own individual approach to dealing with clients, and I knew I wanted to create something that provided much more for entrepreneurial business owners with high-growth businesses.”, says Paul.

Just like you, we're devoted to a good business and take great pride in our work, and our clients.

“I wanted us to specialise in Xero - a simple, modern, Cloud- based accounting system. This meant that we could take away the noise, allowing the client to see precisely the right data, in the right context, at exactly the right time. And, if our clients feedback is anything to go by, it looks like it's absolutely the most effective way for us to work with them!”

Our creative clients tell us that they appreciate:


• Quick replies and a steady stream of communication

• The ability to meet out of standard office hours

• Discussions on productivity, pricing, and technology (as well as profits and tax)

•A cup of good coffee, or a pint of beer if the time is right

If you’re a digital creative and your accountant doesn’t understand you, start here.

Meet us and other creatives in person

Discuss key issues and new tech at our monthly digital roundtable

They say birds of a feather flock together. And at My Accountancy Place we love getting our creative clients together for a chinwag at The Digital Roundtable events.

This isn’t a stuffy business meeting (yawn). It’s about getting some of the UK’s most innovative creative minds around the table for an informal, no-holds-barred chat about the state of the industry.

Places are truly limited. You can’t even bribe your way in (believe us, people have tried).
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