We don’t really like the word “accountant” but if we just put “superstars”, you wouldn’t know what we mean.
We provide the FULL finance function to your agency & get in the trenches with you to help you grow.

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My Accountancy Place isn’t the right firm of Accountants for every agency.
Here’s how you can make sure our AGENCY FINANCE SYSTEM™ is right for you.


We work with Growing & Mature Agencies throughout the UK who want…

  • An accountant who can work on your financial strategy with you
  • A firm who can provide the full finance function to your agency
  • To access proven expertise from the digital creative industry
  • To be working with people who understand the specific complexities of how digital creative agencies work
  • Someone to hold you accountable to ensure things are progressing
  • To be focussing on growing your agency & serving your clients


We are not for agencies who…

  • Have no real interest in the finances or profits of your agency
  • Are looking for the cheapest possible accounting solution
  • Only want an accountant to ensure you’re compliant
  • Are not open to receiving feedback on your agency and finances
  • Don’t need ongoing support, help and advice
  • Are happy with where your agency is and don’t want to grow it
  • Prefer advice to be sugar coated rather than advice that’s actually going to move the needle on your agency



We will show you exactly where you are in your business right now, everything that is contributing to your current location and the required actions that are going to move you closer towards your goals.

Foundations - Data Collection

We ensure that all the financial data flowing through your agency is collated with the most efficient processes that have the least drain on your time – all centered around your Xero accounting package.

Foundations - Compliance

We install a seamless compliance system into your agency to ensure you not only meet your legal statutory requirements but that you also have full visibility of the system, understand exactly how it works and how you and your team fit in with that system.

Reporting & Forecasting

For this, we focus on Finacial Modelling which includes Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow, compared to budget and most importantly, holding you and your team accountable for actions agreed to increase revenue, efficiency or control costs and keep everything on track with your budget.


Driving your agency towards your financial goals is tough and lonely. This is where our Co-Driving function gives you the support and guidance to help you navigate around your challenges and towards your goal.

Full Finance Function

These 4 components make up what we call the AGENCY FINANCE SYSTEM™. This is the bedrock of what we install into agencies, which is delivered by our Finance Team.

The size and ambition of your agency will determine the components and the team that you’ll need to achieve your goals. So let’s figure that out.

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We will assemble the outsourced Finance Team you need at a cost your agency can afford. It may comprise off your…

Finance Director

Your Finance Director will work with you at a strategic level, to make sense of your numbers and help you to make better decisions moving forward. They’ll be able to share industry expertise on how to help you make money from your craft.

Financial Controller

The Financial Controller is responsible for making sense of all your historical, financial data. They will ensure your agency is compliant and that all your data is correctly entered into your finance system.


If you don’t already have a bookkeeper, then you can use our bookkeeping army. They will bring everything together for the Financial Controller to work on, so you and your team aren’t wasting time collating everything.


My Accountancy Place is, allowing us to have a closer grasp on the numbers and what it takes to sustain our business growth. The added value is fundamental to us, in that we had the support of MAP throughout, who we can turn to answer any questions we have when it comes to financials
Gareth Clements Managing Director, Rumpus PR
We feel like the key changes felt in the business since the move over to My Accountancy Place is we now have great support who keep a close eye on our growth, proactive support and great advice on tap.
Christian Hill Creative Director, Project Simply
I now feel I can concentrate on what I do best, knowing they are there when I need them. Everything is kept simple, and of all the worries that come with running your own business, the accountancy side of it isn’t one of them thanks to the whole team at My Accountancy Place.
Andy Matthews Director, AM Creative


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Will I be working with one person?

When you sign up with us, you get a team. This can include a Finance Director, a Financial Controller, a Bookkeeper and a Client Coordinator. It just depends on the size of your agency and what you need.

What if I like my current accountant?

The chances are, you’re going to like your current accountant. You may have worked with them for some time and the service they provide is ‘good’. We believe that the finance function of your agency is too important for it to be just ‘good’. At the end of the day, the money you make gives you the life that you want. At My Accountancy Place, we don’t do ‘good……. we do ‘frickin awesome’ (and you’ll love us to.)

Do you charge a fortune?

We’re not expensive, we’re just able to do a lot more for you than the typical accountant. This will normally come at a higher cost, but the value you receive will be huuuuuuuuge in terms of your life becoming easier, the time you’ll save, the clarity you’ll get over your numbers, the better decisions you’ll be able to make and the additional growth in profits we’ll be able to help you achieve.

Is it difficult to move over to you?

Moving over to us is easy. It doesn’t even matter if you’re mid way through your financial year. The moment you decide to press the button on working with us, we’ll make your transition over to us easy, seamless and with no drama. You’ll be able to get on with what you’re doing and we’ll sort everything out for you.

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