How To Understand & Calculate Your Break-Even Point

Wherever you are on your agency journey, there will be a time when you need to scale back and survive without eating into the retained profit that you’ve built in your business and that’s when you need to be thinking … Read More

Why Most Agency Owners Are Under Constant Stress And The One Financial Device That Reduces It

One of the key challenges of growing an agency is the unpredictable nature of the revenue you generate. Because the work tends to be project based, it can be very difficult to find a happy medium where you have just … Read More

Choosing Your End Goal

If you work with any business consultant they are likely to emphasise the importance of knowing your exit strategy. The logic being that you build a company to sell it and that’s where you make the biggest impact on your … Read More

The Difference Between Finance and Accounting

So, whats the difference? The words finance and Accounting are often used interchangeably so the general view is that they mean the same thing. In reality, they both have their own very signed meanings and understanding them can help you … Read More

Protect Your Capacity & Maximise Your Profit

If I’m already paying my team anyway, we might as well put extra hours in for a client hadn’t we? When you grow a business’s revenue, you typically grow your cost of sales proportionately. If you sell a product, that’s … Read More

Find YOUR Price

DON’T get discouraged – Agency owners often get discouraged by being knocked back on price. If your instant reaction when a prospect rejects you because “you are too expensive” is to drop your prices, then that’s nearly ALWAYS a bad … Read More

More Money, More Time, Less Stress.

Our first Lancaster Digital Roundtable!   Last week we hosted our first Lancaster Digital Roundtable with the help of Digital Lancashire, we had what you would call… an INCREDIBLE turnout. Our guest speaker Tony Lacey presented on the topic More … Read More

Streamlined banking at last, with Tide & MAP

Why did we partner with Tide?    My Accountancy Place has recently decided to take the step into building an official partnership with Tide. Why? It’s alternative, it’s new, it’s us. Tide is alternative, and they’re all about saving a … Read More

2 ways to grow your profit

There are only two ways to grow the profits in your business: Make More Sales Improve Margins Make More Sales Making more sales means selling more to your existing customers and finding new customers. As you will be aware, it’s … Read More

Do you really need funding for your agency?

If your agency is on its knees, desperate for cash in order to settle overdue creditors or pay the staff then you may well have no other option than to apply for funding or sell some equity. If you’re not … Read More