Support small businesses: have your say about dividend tax

The Government is about to bring in changes to shareholder’s dividend income that will make it harder than ever for small business owners to make a success of their limited company start-ups and small ventures. And the big question is … Read More

Why it’s so effective to contribute to a pension scheme

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VAT Flat Rate Scheme

The VAT Flat Rate Scheme – an easier way to handle your VAT The VAT Flat Rate Scheme was introduced back in 2002 as a way of simplifying your VAT records and obligations. Uh oh…have we lost you already? We … Read More

Great tax news for your creative business

When the Chancellor stands up to deliver his annual Budget, most of us are hoping for good news on the personal tax allowance, no extra duty on a pint of beer and the possibility of cheaper petrol. But if you’re … Read More

Get your SAGE data converted for FREE to Xero until 31st March!!

The bad news: If you’re using SAGE, we put it to you that you’re a bit outdated. A bit behind the times.  You’re using an accounts package that does not have the cool capabilities that it could – and you … Read More

Xero Tips – Inventory Items

Many businesses sell or provide the same goods or services over and over again, and yet when raising invoices, they insist on re-creating the description each time. Adding a new item within the inventory items section of Xero means that … Read More

Important New VAT Rules for Digital Business

The rules around charging VAT are changing for digital business in the new year. Here’s a reminder of the general rule for VAT on the supply of services (as opposed to goods): In the EU: B2B – Outside the scope … Read More

Getting Your Taxes Right (Or, How Not To Be Like Jimmy Carr)

It’s safe to say it wasn’t a laughing matter. He might be a comedian, but Jimmy Carr wasn’t having a giggle when the story broke about the K2 tax avoidance scheme he’d been invested in. He didn’t have the police … Read More

Getting Money Out of Your Business…The Right Way

We’ve all had that revelation of what paying tax actually means.  Often, at first in our working life it is upon receipt of our very first wage slips. “Yes, look how much money I’ve got!” which is closely followed by … Read More

Taking your salary without any tax

One of the first questions we are asked when we start working with a new client is “How should I pay myself?” The answer, you will be glad to know, is VERY simple. We recommend that, as a director, you … Read More