If you’ve become frustrated that cloud accounting is not giving you the insights you were looking for, that’s because technology is never a solution, it’s only ever an enabler and you need something more.

If you’ve tried implementing cloud accounting you might well have become frustrated with the results. You’ve got best of breed technology in Xero or a similar solution0, you know that there are tonnes of apps that can work with Xero to make your finances run smoothly. You’ll have some accounting resource, whether that be your accountancy firm, external bookkeeper or maybe finance staff in your business, and yet despite all of that, you’re still not got reliable and useful data and you’re therefore not able to get the rich insights into how your agency is performing and where it can do better.

Xero is no longer an entry app for doing your accounting. When they started out, Xero could fairly be seen as a cheap solution for doing basic bookkeeping for start up businesses. But that’s not the case anymore.

Despite being able to keep their subscription price really low, Xero has advanced enormously in the last several years.

You can file VAT Returns, Run Payroll, Manage Expenses, Reconcile your bank with automatic feeds from your bank accounts, credit cards and paypal accounts. You can collect payments, automatically chase for late payments, run management account packs, prepare budgets and manage your cashflow. Xero is a serious accounting product that gives you huge scalability of your finance function.

But without the skills of how to use it, it’s just another pretty app that has great potential for your business but you never really get the most out of it.

So this workshop equips agency owners and their finance teams with the skills to build scalable, automated and insightful Finance Systems in Your Agency.

You will leave this workshop with a very clear action plan of how to get the most out of the features available and with the skills to do it.

So follow the details to book on and we look forward to giving you scalable, reliable and insightful finance systems for your agency.

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