What is the Digital Roundtable?



The Digital Roundtable is an opportunity for Manchester’s best and brightest digital creatives to discuss the current changes and challenges within the industry, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are in it for exactly the same reason.

Far from being a stuffy business meeting, the Digital Roundtable is a lively and informal affair involving riveting guest speakers, exciting discussions, and of course plenty of refreshments!

Since its inception, the Digital Roundtable has created an identity of its own, and swelled from five regular attendees to almost 60. Currently, events are held monthly at the stunning Photolink studios near Piccadilly train station, but from January 2017, we will be reverting to our old format of every other month.

What Do We Talk About?

The table itself may be oblong, but the thinking is very much outside the box


Although our guest speaker changes with each Roundtable, the rest of our agenda remains the same:

• What’s going on in the digital creative industry at the moment
• The big opportunities for digital creative businesses right now
• Opportunities for you and your fellow to collaborate on creative projects


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