12pm-5pm on 29th January 2018


Discover the 4 Key Functions of a Bulletproof Agency that will help you to optimise cashflow, charge higher prices, win the right clients and get your team taking responsibility for your growth.




HOME, 2, Tony Wilson Place, Central Manchester M15 4FN


12pm-5pm, 29th January 2018


This event is priced at £100pp, it is requested that you register your interest before purchasing so we can be sure that this event will be something that will be of value to you.


Financial Metrics & Agency Insights

Before your agency can scale or grow, it first has to be built on a strong working financial model, a model that generates profit and cash on a consistent basis. Paul will be sharing the blueprint that the finance function at My Accountancy Place applies to many of the leading agencies in Manchester and beyond. You’ll learn about the Financial KPI’s that you should be tracking and how to measure them in a consistent and reliable way. You’ll also learn about pricing, calculating capacity and cash flow strategies.

Paul Barnes – Managing Director of My Accountancy Place


Vision & Strategy

Your ultimate role as MD is to create a smart strategy and manage its successful execution. Michael will share the elements that make up a truly differentiated strategy that gives you the positioning to achieve the higher prices that Paul talks about, win the right clients and to deliver work that you are proud of. Most importantly, he will give you the framework for putting this strategy into practice within your company.

Michael Lister – Business Mentor


Sales & Marketing

With the right strategy and financial model in place, you then need to bring the clients in. James will share his methodology for attracting, nurturing and converting the right clients in the most efficient and effective way. He will talk about the systems and processes that you must use to keep the sales and marketing working with less strain on you as a Managing Director.

James Ashford – CEO of GoProposal and Marketing  Director at MAP



With the right strategy and new work coming in, all that’s left is for your team to deliver. David will share his best practice insights from years of experience working with large agencies and consulting small agencies to get your team delivering on time and on budget. He will equip you with the tools and know how to get your team working with the right level autonomy, ownership and fulfillment whilst delivering the commercial results.

David Crawford – Managing Director of Digital Agency Consultancy

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

– Sun Tzu