“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”-Michael Jordan

Discover How Our Events And Workshops Can Help You, Your Team and Your Agency.

#1 Get Invited To The Digital Roundtable

Mingle with Manchester’s best and brightest digital creative agencies to be inspired and to discuss the current changes and challenges within the industry. The Digital Roundtable is an opportunity for Manchester’s best and brightest digital creatives to discuss the current changes and challenges within the industry, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are in it for exactly the same reason.

#2 XERO Training

In this half-day workshop, the team at My Accountancy Place will show you not just how to use the basic features of Xero, but how to make the most of it to power your business, streamlining your financial processes and giving real-time access to the reporting that matter to you and your business.

#3 Smooth Sailing Operations

You can be bringing in sales like there’s no tomorrow and coming up with the best ideas for your clients, but if your operations and delivery are poor it will lead to the ultimate demise of your agency. Work has to be delivered efficiently to be profitable, and just as important as that is the journey and experience that your clients have.

#4 Projecting Financial Performance

As a business owner, you probably know that you should sit down and prepare a budget, but you’re not sure when you should do it or even why it’s important. At My Accountancy Place, we believe that every business should have a 3 year budget in place at all times, something that can show you whether the business model that you have in mind will work, whether you can be profitable and how things change as you grow the business.

#5 Maximise Operating Cash

One of the main issues we see high growth digital and creative agencies struggle with is generating cash. Running out of cash can hit when you’re profitable and things are going well, just the same as it can hit when you’re going through a tricky period of making losses.

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